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I Fell Back!

Time change? I’m ready, bring it on! And hurry, please…my clocks are set.

This is how it happened and pay attention, people who believe everything you read on the internet. This wasn’t even Wiki-related. It was a reliable-looking website.

You see, my friend was throwing a Halloween party Sunday evening and in the e-mail she asked us invitees if the time was changing. I went straight to the web, google-searched and sure enough, there it was, Time Change Oct. 26, 2014.

I copied the link, attached it to my reply-to-all and got ready for an extra hour of leisure on Sunday. Saturday night I roamed the house, turning back my clocks in every room. The stove clock, the mantle clock, the bathroom clock, the alarm clock, you get the idea.

I was so proud of myself. For the first time in history, I was prepared for the dreaded time change. I don’t like them, neither the Spring forward, nor the Fall back. It just isn’t natural. My body doesn’t agree with a jet lag of even one hour. But the government decrees it and my state complies and even though I am retired, I try my best to be a law-abiding citizen. Besides, I hate being too early or too late to a party.

So I woke up on Sunday morning and my TV had forgotten to fall back! What is wrong with this picture I asked myself? I checked my cell phone, it had also missed the change. I checked my e-mails and sure enough, my friend the party giver had sent an emergency message: “The time did NOT change!”

I went to my sent mail—the one with the link—and that sneaky link had corrected itself between the time that I copied it and Sunday morning. It said Time Change, Nov. 2, 2014. I didn’t even have proof that I had seen the wrong date. It looked like I had made it up!

Thank goodness, my party-throwing friend had read the first link and confirmed that, at least this once, I wasn’t losing my mind. She had also seen Oct. 26 as the time change date on that inaccurate website.

All was well, we didn’t miss the party, but I refuse to change those clocks again! So for this week I have to use my math skills to add an hour each time I look at them or I may be late!

p.s. I admit to a tiny bit of stubbornness. It runs in the family. ☺