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Concussions or Carpal Tunnel?

Concussions or Carpal Tunnel?

Robert Morris University in Chicago has got the ball rolling, so to speak. Now kids and parents of kids who hope for athletic scholarships can choose between the lesser of the two evils, concussions or carpal tunnel. That’s right, folks, they are giving athletic scholarships for video game players. See this segment of CBS http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/college-offers-athletic-scholarships-to-video-gamers/!

How do you feel about that? I, for one, am thrilled! What grandma wouldn’t prefer her grandson win a scholarship for something he loves and that builds, instead of destroys, brain cells!

I wish there were athletic scholarships for art and creative writing, two more things that build brain cells. Well, yes, those two also could create carpal tunnel if practiced as much a gamers practice their sport. Still, creativity is a valuable asset that our country could use more of, so I say, colleges, follow in the footsteps of Robert Morris and bring on more athletic scholarships of the brain-building variety! Maybe then, with the improved creativity, scientists, inventors, and doctors will figure out a way to prevent concussions in contact sports and carpal tunnel in gamers, artists, and authors!