Could This thing Be Worth Something?

Snow Homework: Junk Drawer  assignment #2

You are going through your Junk Drawer to find an item to use for your Creative Writing Class assignment, when you come across something that you don’t recognize.

I wouldn’t have even seen it if I didn’t have to dig so far back into the junk drawer searching for a 2-cent stamp. I ran out of forever stamps. I have used forever stamps, well… forever! Sorry! But so long that I wasn’t even sure what the going rate for mailing a letter is right now so I had to look it up.  $.49 up from $.46 as of January 26, 2014, according to the official Post Office website I found. Huh! Even a 2-cent stamp wouldn’t work with this $.37 Isamu Noguchi sculpture stamp I found. I thought I’d bought 2-cent stamps one time for something. If I did I’d need 6 of them to mail this letter to the IRS telling them how I didn’t make any money writing my blog this year and I figured they somehow owe me money for entertaining the masses at no charge. I didn’t want that letter to be late. Those government people are so picky about being on time with stuff like taxes.

I kept digging deeper and deeper into the long skinny drawer for those stamps. Waste not, want not, I remembered my mother saying, and besides I’d promised the Pope (in an earlier post on my entertaining blog, though he isn’t really my Pope officially since I am not Catholic, but I like him so I want to honor my promise) not to waste food and though stamps are not officially food, I could buy food with money I didn’t have to spend on more stamps. It made sense, see, if you think about it. Anyway, I was digging back so far into the drawer that I found it. I doubt I had been that far back since my baby was a baby. Your babies are always your babies, you know, and my baby is a sweetheart. She’s 36 now so you can see, it has been some time since I last reached this spot. It was almost like going back in time. Or searching an unexplored cave only to discover caveman art. It was like an archeological dig. I found stuff I thought I’d lost or taken to Good Will or that got stolen when our house was robbed. Did I turn that in on the insurance claim? I hope not because that would be dishonest and I am sure my Pope wouldn’t approve of that!

Well, too late to figure that one out. Moving on in my search for those six 2-cent stamps which, by the way, I never found and had to use two of my Noguchi stamps that I usually only save for special letters to friends that I know love art, there it was! So small, I almost overlooked it this time. I would have if it hadn’t pricked me. No, don’t worry, I’m fine, it was just a little prick and I put Neosporin on the prick right away so I doubt there is any infection, that stuff is really good.

Oh, the prick? It came from the point. Apparently one end of the thing was stuck between the back board of the drawer and the bottom of the drawer. This thing was long and rusty, like it hadn’t been used in forever. Maybe longer than forever stamps had been invented. It was thin and sharp, remarkably sharp, as proven by my pricked finger. I got some pliers and tugged at it. It was stuck really tightly but I finally jerked it out. On the back end, the long round stick widened a little and, I guess because it was protected by the boards, it was remarkably free of rust. The back where it widened was open a little bit. Just about the thickness of a hair or a thread and then it was closed shut again. A long, thin, sharp pointed silver metal stick of some sort with a tiny hole in  one end! It must have been some ancient tool. I wonder! What could it have been used for? Who would have used it? How long ago?

I wrapped this implement tightly with saran wrap and tucked it in a ziplock bag. As soon as the snow is gone, I am taking it over to the college to see if I can get some of those archeologists to take a look at it. It may be worth a million dollars. Maybe I’ll be able to loan some money to the IRS after all!





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