ImageJunk Drawer Story:

Writing Assignment: Find something in your junk drawer and write about it.

My junk drawer is not as junky as it once was. I guess it was the weather. Or maybe because I wasn’t allowed to lift heavy stuff for a while (eliminating 25 lbs of clay in the pottery studio). I don’t know exactly why I cleaned out my junk drawer. Maybe I was looking for something in particular. My rule of life–cleaning department: If you can’t find something, start cleaning.

I must have cleaned because there is room in my junk drawer. No, you can’t see the bottom, but there are probably 2 inches of space to pile stuff before the drawer won’t close anymore. I call that clean…at least for a junk drawer because by definition it is not supposed to be neat.

So when my writing instructor, Beth Hermes, http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6431480.Beth_Hermes gave us this assignment, I was a little concerned. Maybe I wouldn’t find anything worth writing about in this pristine container.

I should have remembered another of my rules of living—worrying department–don’t worry about something until it actually occurs. Ninety nine point nine percent of the time it won’t actually happen and you have wasted your precious worrying time on something that didn’t happen when you could have been focusing on something real because there is always something to worry about.

Indeed, as soon as I looked in my junk drawer, there it was—something worth writing about—a rusty crescent moon finial from an old iron fence. Not a fence I had owned or lived near or stolen from. No. Some stranger’s fence that someone else had owned, lived near or stolen from. I bought it at Roswell Antiques Market.  http://www.roswellantiques.com Yes, I know, I could have made up a better story, but that’s the ugly boring truth.

I bought it and many others just like it to make Christmas gifts for my volunteer parents when I taught Primary School Art. Heaven knows what I made out of them. This is a left-over one. Heaven is probably still wondering what in the world those poor parents did with them. They aren’t just rusty, though. I gilded them with silver and gold. I tied glittery ribbons around them. I thought they were beautiful. I loved the contrast of the shiny glitter with the weathered iron. I confess—I really love rust, so how could these sweet moms not love it, too?

Well, here I am, years later with this remnant of my past that I couldn’t throw away in the frenzy of a cleaning attack and it has come to my rescue again, I thought. Perhaps even more successfully than it did those many years ago. So I got on the internet to figure out whether it was a waxing moon finial or a waning moon finial. Right away my googling rewarded me with this website: http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases.phtml

Who knew there is so much to know about the moon!?! I mean, we have only been there a few times and there are surely a lot more craters to explore, right?  But, for goodness sakes, I was fascinated. I will leave you with this website to explore as you wish, but I just want to point out my favorite. Down there near the very bottom of the list of links.

Yes, that one. The Werewolf Diet.  http://www.moonconnection.com/werewolf-diet.phtml And to think I discovered it in my junk drawer.  It just goes to show there is a diet for everyone! 


2 thoughts on “Junk?

  1. juliannepatty

    Lies! You worry about stuff you just IMAGINE might happen to your children all the time!

    Other than that, I love this whole idea, how the tiniest thing can lead us down a fascinating road we never would have taken.


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