Spider in the Shower

So What Would You Do?

 So theoretically speaking you are in the shower that you know was safe yesterday and you see through your misty lashes what probably is a spider and you think it’s a granddaddy longlegs but you don’t know for sure because your glasses are on the counter too far away to reach, but you know it’s not a scorpion or a snake or a wasp or a stranger with a knife but it keeps climbing up the tiles and slipping back down into the water and the water keeps edging towards it, but you don’t want to kill it because granddaddys can’t hurt you and it’s probably a granddaddy, but you can’t tell for sure because your glasses…….

 And nobody is home to rescue either you or the spider which is probably harmless and even maybe helpful…maybe…..

But you’re already soaking wet and you need to close your eyes if you’re going to shampoo your hair and then the spider slips down deeper and somehow manages to reach the shower curtain and starts climbing into the folds….

And you’re not afraid of spiders…especially not harmless grandaddys and this probably is a grandaddy mostly hidden in the folds….

But your hair isn’t washed and your shower isn’t taken and the spider’s probably going to stay there maybe at the other end of the shower hidden silently in the folds, waiting patiently for you to finish so he can reclaim the bathroom to snare his next victim……



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