Mama’s rules

Do Your Mama’s Rules Hold True Today?


I had a great mama!  Here are some of her rules:

  1. Keep your skirt down.
  2. Bananas and milk together are the world’s healthiest foods.
  3. Don’t waste—if the Depression can happen once, it can happen again.
  4. Girls don’t call boys—boys like to do their own calling.
  5. Red and pink clash-don’t wear them together.


My mama was born almost 100 years ago. Your mama maybe not so much. I would love to know how many of you think my mama’s rules hold up today and whether your mama had similar rules. If her rules were different, please include them. Before I write how I feel about whether my mama’s rules were a product of her time and culture or whether they are rules we should continue to live by, I’d like your uninfluenced feedback. Can’t wait to hear back from you.



8 thoughts on “Mama’s rules

  1. juliannepatty

    Oh goodness, Goggie would be disappointed in my opinion of bananas.

    My Mama’s rules … (we’ll see if you agree)
    1. Celebrate every day with something. Chocolate is a good option. Wine works too.
    2. (And oldie but goodie) Be nice. If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut until you can get your attitude adjusted.
    3. Work hard at everything you do, but especially the things that make you happy.
    4. Don’t waste your time on sad stuff: movies, people, thoughts, etc. that make you miserable have no place in your life.

  2. Ginger Hynds

    My Mama’s rules:

    1. Get outside and play. (Rain, Snow or Shine)
    2. Finish your milk before you leave the table. (Didn’t drink it then and still don’t)
    3. Put your dress down. (So…I decided to never wear them.)
    4.Don’t break your brothers toys.(His were ALWAYS better than mine.)
    5. Go to school/work or you will go to the docter to get a shot. (Didn’t miss but a couple of days of school my whole time including college and rarely do I miss work. If I do miss, I usually am at the doctor for that shot. lol)

    1. mariedpatty Post author

      Sissy, This does sound like your mama’s rules. She’s a wonderful mama, too. Look how great you turned out. I agree about boy’s toys being better! I still like legos and tinker toys and blocks and even cars and airplanes as long as they don’t involve war. But I do like kitchen toys and dolls as long as you can cut their hair or make stuff for them.

  3. Gary

    I was lucky to have a wonderful mama also. I now regret the many things I put her through when I was young, but she loved me anyway.


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