I’m Sorry, Pope Francis!

I’m sorry, Pope Francis, I’ll try to do better.


I am breaking one of my cardinal rules of writing right now—never write about religion, politics, or personal family problems. I know, what kind of writer am I if I won’t be honest and share my deepest feelings, opinions, or thoughts. I’ll never write the great American novel because someone I know may think she is the offensive main character. I don’t want to offend anyone. My goal in writing is to find the funny side, to laugh at myself, and to allow others to laugh at/with me. But today I threw away half an apple cobbler and about 2 cups of chicken soup and I have to say, I feel guilty.


Here is why. A few days ago one of my friends posted this on Facebook: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/deaconsbench/2014/01/the-pope-francis-list-of-new-years-resolutions/ and I read it. I love this Pope. Now I am not Catholic, I grew up Baptist, Southern Baptist in Knoxville, Tennessee. My grandmother, Marietta Ausmus Edwards, was the baby daughter of a circuit riding Primitive Baptist minister. Yes, I know circuit riding ministers went out of vogue a century and a half ago, especially the ones that rode horseback across mountains. But long story short, I’m really old (67 in March) and my grandma was 75 when I was born, so do the math, it works.


Anyway, we Baptists didn’t have Popes and even though I grew up to become Presbyterian, they don’t have Popes either. Still when there is a good person with a good heart and a good message, I listen. In the first place, I have loved this Pope ever since he paid his bill at the hotel after he was chosen Pope. That was the way I was raised. If you have a bill, you pay it, no matter what your status. I have loved this Pope ever since I saw him smile and ask for prayers so he could be a better Pope. I have loved him ever since he refused the fancy digs and chose simpler living quarters. Ever since he made his own phone calls. This is the kind of Pope that just might be able to bring world leaders together to find some sort of peaceful coexistence. I pray for this Pope and all these leaders.


Now this brings me to my confession. I have always been a little envious of Catholics because they have confession and can do something to relieve themselves of their guilty feelings. As a confessionless Baptist-Presbyterian, I’m sorry just isn’t enough. I still feel burdened with guilt. And wasting food was number 2 right after idle gossip as things to resolve against. So I really feel terrible about wasting that apple cobbler! And the chicken soup, though as a sweet-a-holic I feel worse about the pie. I guess that might be a sin of another kind, but one confession at a time.


All joking aside, I really am going to try to do better this year about wasting food. I am this very minute cooking the left-over hambone in a pot of lima beans. Knowing we won’t eat all that many lima beans–my hubby hates lima beans but loves ham so I hope he will eat at least some of it– I am planning on sharing it with Bill, our 90-something WW II war hero neighbor who lives alone. I’ll send along some Tennessee-style cornbread (not sweetened with sugar) and some apples from Mercier Apple Orchards up in Blue Ridge.


And Pope Francis, if you happen to see this, thanks for being my Pope, too. I’m going to try to do better this year. Image


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Pope Francis!

  1. juliannepatty

    I don’t understand. I mean, I get throwing away cobbler so that you will stop eating it (or at least taking it over to someone else’s house), but what did the chicken soup do to offend you?

  2. mariedpatty Post author

    I made the cobbler for Daddy with the Whey-lo brown sugar. He didn’t eat it and it got old. The chicken soup got old, too. Both were on the edge of being poisonous. I should have shared some of each of those with Bill when they were fresh like I did the lima beans and ham.


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