One is true, One is a lie. Which is which? Please let me know what you think.

Homework P124 Truth or Lies?


Write two stories, one nonfiction and one fiction. Give the stories to at least three people who don’t know the stories and ask them to tell you which is true.


First Story: SQWABBLICHY: Crazy Crosswords

Surfing the web for Christmas gifts, I found this great new game. You can buy it as an ap for your IPad, Kindle, or cell phone. You can also get it on a disc for Macs or PCs. It is called SQWABBLICHY: Crazy Crosswords. It’s a game I will love if someone who loves me wants to get it for me (hint, Santa)! Of course, isn’t that the way it always is, you’re looking for a gift for your sweetie, your BFF, or your kids/grands and find zilch for them but hundreds of wonderful stuff for yourself.  So you heart them as Favorites on Etsy or you put them on your Amazon Prime Wish List hoping one of those folks you’re shopping for who’s also shopping for you will be quick thinkers and check those gold mines of possible things you love and won’t return on December 26. Really, has that ever happened? Maybe once. Still, it’s worth a try.


But back to the point of this blog post, the great game I found. It is called SQWABBLICHY: Crazy Crosswords because it is a cross between Scrabble and Crossword puzzles. Of course they couldn’t say Scrabble because they’d probably be sued and besides they came up with this wonderful name which uses a lot of the letters that get you high points in Scrabble.  S (1) +Q (10) +W (4) +A (1) + BB (3 + 3) + L (1) +I (1) + C (3) + H (4) + Y (4) = 35 points.  The objective of the game is to make up words that haven’t been coined yet but should be and spell them creatively so that you use the highest points possible on the board that looks very similar to a Scrabble board. In addition to the word you create, you have to text the meaning for it in a text box that is monitored by an online computer named Edison. This computer is much like Watson, the one they had on Jeopardy a while ago that competed with Ken Jennings.  Edison judges your word and it’s meaning and tallies your score. You get 10 extra points per word if you can give the origin of the word that is plausible to the computer.  If you happen to use a word that is already coined, the total number of points for that word is subtracted from your score. Apparently Edison has been programmed with a sense of humor, too, so that if you coin a word with a comedic definition, you get 5 extra points for being funny.


Unlike Scrabble, there is no limitation to the number of times you can use any particular letter, so if you need an extra Q (10), X (8) or Z (10) or for that matter any of the other 26, have at it. The game is over when every space is filled with a feasible word (feasibility determined by Edison).


This game is great to play with friends or as a single player. There is a link you can share to invite Facebook friends to play if you are competitive and also patient enough to wait on your friends to respond. Otherwise, play on by yourself.  But watch out, the website warned it could be addictive. It has 5 star reviews from 1389 players so far with only a few negative comments from people who didn’t think Edison was fair about words they coined that he said were already English words.


If you’re a word nerd like me, this might be just the game for you. The ap sells for $10.99 and the disc is $12.99 and can be shipped by USPS or any of the other private delivery services. Get yourself one and surprise your BFF with one of his/her own. That’s what I’m going to do.


Thank goodness for Paypal! Done…and Done!




Second story: Apology to Nice Asian Lady on Greenway


Today I had to go to the post office to ship a package to an Etsy customer. She bought my star pattern buttons to replace buttons on a coat she has. It turns out the ones on her coat are Zia ceramic buttons which are worth a lot of money and she wants to put my buttons on the coat, thus protecting her Zia buttons from loss or damage. I don’t know if she intends to put the Zia buttons in a safe deposit box to hold until she needs to sell them in order to send her children to college or if she is planning on selling them immediately to get the highest price out of them before the Zia button bubble bursts. We didn’t get that friendly on the convo in Etsy.


Anyway, I had to go to the post office so I decided I’d get my exercise on the Big Creek Greenway today. Walking is my favorite way to exercise and I am trying to lose the five pound I have gained being on that diet for Coumadin (no green veggies but 6 Krispy Kremes at a time if you want). I got to the greenway, took out my trekking poles and headed out. The trekking poles are great because they work your upper body as much as the walking works your lower body and besides they push you along so you get your walk in faster.


I got about a half mile down the way when an Asian Lady appeared coming toward me. She was clapping as she walked just like she was auditioning for Wheel of Fortune.


“Where you get this?” she asked me, smiling. I stopped and explained that these particular poles I bought from the teacher who taught the class through the parks and rec a few years ago, but you could get them on their website and you could also get similar ones at sporting good stores or even Target. I let her try them out and we had a very nice conversation.

“Do they help?” she asked.

“Yes, they really do,” I replied, “I go about 4 miles an hour faster with them than without.”

“Wow!”  she said and we parted with have a nice day, enjoy the rest of your walk.


Now, as I walked that number 4 was nagging at my mind. It just didn’t seem right but I guess I hadn’t been walking long enough to get the sluggish blood all the way up to the arteries in my head. You’d think thinner blood would travel faster, but I had been taken off Coumadin a couple of weeks ago so maybe my blood has thickened up again. Anyway it wasn’t until I had walked over three miles and was on the last mile of my journey that I realized the number was right, it was the words that were wrong. The poles make me go 4 minutes per mile faster not 4 miles per hour faster. I know this because my Nike ap measures and judges my performance ever time I walk.


So Nice Asian Lady Whom I Met On The Greenway Today if you happen to be reading my blog, or if you have a friend on my Facebook who reads my blog and happens to share it with you:

“I am so sorry, I lied to you, but it was totally unintentional. I apologize! If you get these poles, please don’t kill yourself trying to go 4 miles an hour faster. I would feel terrible. Thank you, Marie”




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