Write a Fight.


Writing Homework P. 98

Write a scene (summary of assignment) 2 people in love having a vicious argument; ramp up anger then ramp down to reconciliation and greater affection.

 The afternoon was longer than usual, or so it seemed. Jenna was waiting impatiently for Brock to get home. She could hardly contain her excitement. She had won a trip at the office for top salesperson of the year. It was a miracle, too, because in this economy it seemed like no one was buying anything, much less new mattresses. But somehow Jenna had sold a total of $157, 890 worth of mattresses. Mostly those new gel memory foam mattresses. She had had to work a lot of weekends and many a Friday night, but now it was all worth it. She had won this trip for two to Australia and she couldn’t wait to tell Brock they were finally getting their long awaited honeymoon.

 They had wanted to take their honeymoon right after the wedding, but they put it off, being practical, and packed all their hard earned cash, what was left of it after the wedding, and their wedding gift money into a down payment on their first house. It wasn’t a dream house, well not to most of their friends who thought there was too much fixer-upper and too little dream in it. But she had a vision when she saw it and she was able to describe her ideas in a way that Brock fell in love with the house, too. It had taken 2 ½ years and a lot more money than either of them ever anticipated to convert that vision into reality. Their honeymoon money kept buying grout and tile instead of airline tickets.

 But now! A free trip, all expenses paid. And a week off, paid vacation time, to take it. Why wouldn’t he hurry and get home? She texted his cell. “Hurry home. I have a surprise.”   No response. She called. After the fourth ring she got his usual message: “Not here. Leave a message or call me back. I can’t be gone forever!” She used to think that was cute when they were dating.

 It got late. 11:52. 1:17 a.m.  Could he be hurt somewhere, lying on the edge of a ravine. Why didn’t he at least answer her texts. This wasn’t like him. 2:02. She was texting again when she heard the downstairs side door from the garage open. Fuming she waited for him to climb the stairs and open the bedroom door.

 He tiptoed in but the door still had a squeak in it and it announced his arrival.

 “Sorry, honey! Are you awake?”

 “No, I’m not awake. I haven’t been awake all night worrying about where the hell you were and what if you were dead!”

 “My phone died and I had to work late.”

 “And nobody else had a phone you could use!”

 “I was just…”

 “Shut up! I don’t want to hear it. Just leave me alone.”

 Jenna threw Brock’s pillow at him.

 “Fine.” He grabbed the pillow and slammed out the door.

 Jenna buried her tears in her own pillow.

Morning burned her eyes and ached at her knotted stomach. Holed up in her bedroom, she listened for any sign that Brock was still there, but no. No coffee brewing. No computer noises from the office underneath her.

 Finally, Jenna pulled on her robe and twisted open the bedroom door. There leaned against the hall wall was Brock, propped up on his pillow with a big foamcore sign scrawled in his scratchy nearly illegible handwriting:

 “I lied.” The sign confessed. “I wasn’t at work. I was working an extra security job at the travel agency. I’ve been doing this all year while you were working weekends and nights. I wanted to surprise you with these. Happy Honeymoon! I love you, Brock.”

 Taped to the sign were two tickets to Scotland.

 “Oh, honey!” She cried, “I love you, too!” She dropped to the floor beside him. It wasn’t until much later that she remembered they were going to have two honeymoons now.


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