Creative writing assignment: Make up you own writing prompts

Creative writing homework: Create ten prompts of your own.


Write as a journalist. Record the interviews that answer these questions:


  1. To Mother Theresa: If you didn’t have a habit, what designer would you choose to create your clothes and why?
  2. To Amelia Earhart: Where are you?
  3. To a pumpkin boat racer: Really? Pages/PEvents – Regatta.html
  4. To Vincent van Gogh: How’s your hearing?
  5. To Lady Gaga: What do you wear around the house?
  6. To President Lincoln: In retrospect, do you wish you had stayed home and watched the final episode of Survivor?
  7. To Elvis: What is the recipe for your peanut butter and banana sandwich?
  8. To the Wright Brothers: Could you please settle this dispute—which state gets to claim first in flight?
  9. To God: Exactly what were you thinking when you created yellow jackets (the insect, not the Ga Tech mascot)?

10. To your own DNA gene pool committee: Did you choose this combination of genes to protect me from dying so soon or to cleanse the world-wide gene pool?



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