I’m Rich

I’m Rich!


I wanted to wear my bathrobe made of fake sheep fuzz to walk this morning out in my driveway. I was cold, it was warm. But I was already wearing my pink South Forsyth Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt and my pink fleecy sock monkey pajama bottoms which I didn’t intend to change and I felt bad for the people passing who have to see me as they are trying to get their kids to Matt Elementary on time. I should at least wear a daytime jacket instead of a housecoat, I figured. So for the first time this year, I opened the coat closet and pulled out a black jacket that is fleece on the inside and that same fuzzy stuff that my bathrobe is on the outside.

I put it on inside out because the fuzzy stuff is warmer than the fleece, even though the zipper is harder to zip up wrong side out and I got it stuck for a minute before I figured it out. Then I got my iPhone, set my Nike ap to counting and started on my way. It was as I was putting my phone in the warm pocket of my jacket that I discovered I was rich! $17 rich.  Two ones, one $5, and a Ten. Found money. Free money.

That was when I figured, maybe I’d write about it for my homework today. I wasn’t sure, though. Maybe there was something better to write about.  Something funnier. I guess God was getting pretty impatient with me about that time. It was the third lap and I was indecisive about my subject for the day. After all, He had given me a free $17 dollars to write about and I was wavering. I say He because I grew up Southern Baptist and both King James and St. Paul thought God was a He. However, as an adult, I’m not so sure. Is God a He, She, It, or They?  The reason this philosophical, religious question came up in the first place is that Whichever God is, He threw down a shiny silver dime all washed clean from the rain on the driveway right in my path. He said, Dummy, write about money today.

So with $17.10 in my pocket and a commandment clearly from on High, here I go.

What will I do with this free money? What can $17.10 buy? Should I put it in the bank and accrue interest? Not knowing how much interest that would be I looked it up. Don’t you just love Google! You can figure anything out on Google. What I figured out is that you need a doctor’s degree in finance to be able to figure out interest rates on $17.10. It depends, says Wells Fargo, my bank, on where you live. You have to plug in your sip code before they will even tell you anything. That begs the question does someone who lives in the same town as I but has a different zip code get more money per day on their $17.10? I didn’t try another zip so I don’t know, but it certainly does deserve more investigation.

If I understood those tables right, If I have $25 which I don’t I could get .01% on my money if I left it in an APY (anybody know what that is?) for 6 months.

Okay, I guess God is telling me She thinks I ought to spend it.

Wait, maybe They think I should give it to charity. They are after all, God.

All right then. What charity? Well that is easy, you’re wearing it, silly. Didn’t you have enough coffee yet this morning?

So I went to this website: http://www.nbcam.org/ – partners1 and at first I thought, wow, God was telling me both, spend it and give to charity at the same time because there was a link for Breast Cancer Awareness merchandize. Perfect I thought, I’ll get a coffee mug, more coffee, cancer research gets funded—Good job, God, I said prayerfully! But no, I don’t think that was what God was saying after all because I had to buy 172 coffee mugs, that was the minimum order, for $4.75 each. That was way over my budget.

I went back and looked at the organizations I could contribute to and there were so many I just chose the top one, the American Cancer Society. http://www.cancer.org Even they thought I should donate at least $50 but they did give me a space for other after the long list of larger amounts. I plugged in my $17.10 into the other spot, gave them my credit card information and the name of the person I was donating in honor of–my mama, Cleo Duncan, who had breast cancer first and died of pancreatic cancer later.

I feel good about my $17.10. I’m no longer rich, but I feel richer for it. God and Mama, I hope you are all proud of me. I love you, Marie


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