Whateverworks doesn’t work for me

Whateverworks doesn’t work for me


Last night I decided to write a blog. Why not, I said to myself, after all I am doing all this writing for my creative writing class! It was around bedtime by my standards (10ish or so) but I was not to be stopped. I was on a roll. I had searched the internet for the best place to find free blogging for beginners and wordpress always came up first. It had step-by-step directions. How hard could it be? I’d be in bed by, oh 11 at the latest.


First I had to pick a name for my site and Whateverworks seemed good because it is so vague I could write anything I wanted. I already had my first post from my homework for my class, so with my name chosen, my tagline added (there’s got to be something funny about this) I was off and running.


You know how the middle of the night is for extremes? My nights are like that, and okay, 10 p.m. isn’t your middle of the night, but go with me on this, that is the way last night was. Either I am totally stressed about not being able to do something and being discovered as the imposter I am, or I am so certain that I can do it better than anyone else that I am Katy Perry, Hear Me Roar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9SeJIgWRPk.


So anyway, I went all Ethel Perry into action and I named my blog Whateverworks, proudly posted my first blog directly from my morning writing session, added a gravatar of myself and some gallery pics of things I find fun and finally went to bed in the real middle of the night 1:17 a.m. Now really that is the middle, isn’t it?


This morning is when it occurred time, I should maybe check to see if Whateverworks had ever been thought up by another genius or two before me. Well…..a time or two. Actually, there is a website called whateverwork.com http://www.whateverworks.com/default.aspx?kwsrch=brand&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Brand&gclid=CPXOgL3kpboCFWxo7AodMm4ARQ  a shop for garden, home and pest control stuff. And that was just the first googled entry.  There’s a movie by Woody Allen! For goodness sakes, where have I been all these years, under a rock? http://www.sonyclassics.com/whateverworks/


There are more, I don’t know how many more. I quit looking. I knew by this time I had to come up with a new name for my blog. Here are some of my lame, morning-brain ideas:

  1. Second act: it’s going to be funny, I promise. (I am sure that one is taken)
  2. Be funny or go home (I’m aready home so that doesn’t work)
  3. Memories can be rewritten
  4. Retirement is hard work if you do it right!
  5. Make fun not banana bread


Okay, you can see I’m in trouble here. All my followers and readers out there ( Juli and Jennifer because out of loyalty I know you two will follow me once you find my blog) I could use some suggestions. I love you,


Mom and Aunt Rea

p.s (for anyone else who stumbles on this blog looking for pest control products, I am Juli’s mom and Jennifer’s aunt. I never know how to sign off when I am addressing them both.)


p.p.s. and if you are one of those stumblers who follows me so you can find the pest control link again, I love you, too. 


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